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2013 Chevrolet Volt 2013 Chevrolet Volt
Base Invoice Price: $37,579 *
Base List Price: $39,145 *

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The Chevrolet Volt returns for 2013 with no major changes. Updates for this model year include a new safety package which adds technologically advanced features such as lane departure and forward collision warning systems, audible front and rear park assistance, and an integrated rear camera. The exterior of the vehicle presents a more cohesive look with the roof and tailgate being color-keyed to the body paint color. With respect to the battery, the Volt features a new driving mode (dubbed "EV Hold") which allows the operator of the vehicle to toggle between extended range (for highway driving) and a electric only city setting in order to conserve battery life.

  Model Base Invoice Price Base MSRP
Base $37,579 * $39,145 *
  2WD 4-Dr w/1.4L gas/electric engine & Single-Speed Fixed Gear transmission Get A Free Dealer Price Quote
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